Tony Williams: I Am a Big Fan of The Beatles

SKF NOTE: This is a curious interview with Tony Williams on The Jazz Network, a show produced by John Sterling which aired 1991-96. This video appears to be a copy of a master video delivered by The Jazz Network to local tv stations offering the show to local viewers. YouTube viewers might want to fast forward through the three segments of white lettering on black background notifying local tv stations these sections are “Space for three minutes of commercials.”

This episode of The Jazz Network is in two segments: footage of The Tony Williams Quintet Live in NYC (1989), and then some Q&A between tv host Bobby Lyle and Tony. I would have liked more of the interview. I’ve watched the Quintet in NYC full video a few times, and good interviews with Tony Williams are hard to find.

My favorite part of the interview is Tony answering Mr. Lyle’s question about how Tony got into composing music. Also, Tony’s unqualified admiration of The Beatles!

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