Buddy Rich: A Great Psychologist Who Knew How to Inspire People


Charles Owens. Courtesy San Diego Tribune

SKF NOTE: One more reflection on Buddy Rich from a musician who knew and worked with Buddy. Thank you, Charles Owens.

Buddy Rich: “I was mystified by Buddy’s drum technique. He could play a 9-stroke roll on his snare drum and a 9-stroke roll with his foot on his bass drum. No other drummer in the world could do that! And he was the first white guy I met who wasn’t prejudiced. He was the coolest cat, a genius drummer, and a great psychologist who knew how to inspire people.”

Source: Sax great Charles Owens counts Miles Davis, Frank Zappa, Marvin Gaye among past collaborators, George Varga/Contact Reporter, San Diego Tribune, Nov. 7, 2017

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