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Alan White: As Long as Everybody Enjoys Playing Together

Yes show will be full of Drama says drummer Alan White ahead of date at Manchester Apollo by John Anson DRUMMER Alan White admits that he and fellow members of…Yes have had their work cut out for the UK tour…. … Continue reading

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Keith Copeland MD Interview 1984

SKF NOTE: I rediscovered my Keith Copeland interview transcript in July 2015. Keith and I spoke over dinner at a Centre Island, NY restaurant. I have forgotten the restaurant name. Neither do I remember how this interview came to pass. But … Continue reading

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Taking Coltrane’s Jazz Listening Test in 7/8

SKF NOTE: When I want to practice John Coltrane’s method of listening to jazz records; when I want to test my ear and my ability to keep time, I often turn to the song Siete Ocho from Andrew Hill’s Judgment! … Continue reading

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Freelance Writing: Today and Yesterday

SKF NOTE: One aspect of the pre-internet days I miss, and have not yet replaced, is paid freelance writing for music magazines and newspapers. Freelance writing was a great way to sharpen researching/writing skills. A great way to record for … Continue reading

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What To Do When ‘Jazz Groove #22’ Doesn’t Apply?

SKF NOTE: Drummer 44Ronin, on, takes issue with me where, on my Drumming Beyond Playing ‘Awesome Grooves’ post, I write: Groove is a buzz word. 44Ronin relied: Groove is not a buzz word. Groove is the sum of all … Continue reading

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If Ever Again I Have Drum Students

SKF NOTE: If ever again I have drum students I know what I will do. At least in part. Each lesson will end with me handing the student personally selected music. It might be one of Little Walter‘s Chess records, … Continue reading

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Barry Keane: Playing What’s Right for the Songs

SKF NOTE: I always enjoy speaking with Barry Keane. Barry and I first met in 1980 or 1981 when I interviewed him for the August-September 1981 Modern Drummer. We spoke about Barry’s experience as a studio drummer, with Anne Murray … Continue reading

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