Alan White: As Long as Everybody Enjoys Playing Together

Yes show will be full of Drama says drummer Alan White ahead of date at Manchester Apollo
by John Anson

white_alanDRUMMER Alan White admits that he and fellow members of…Yes have had their work cut out for the UK tour….

[Yes] is to perform…1971’s Fragile and Drama from 1980 – from start to finish as part of the show. This will be the first time the band have played Drama live in the UK.

“We’ve all been doing our homework,” said Alan. “[L]istening as the drummer I though it sounded like very hard work… I was only around 29 when we recorded it and…a bit more agile….”

But Alan is looking forward to showcasing what is arguably the most controversial album in the band’s history.

“I think Drama has always been very underrated,” he said. “There is some excellent playing on it and it remains a pretty adventurous album even now.”

Drama is an album which divides Yes fans.

[S]inger Jon Anderson and keyboard wizard Rick Wakeman, did not appear on the album being replaced by Geoff Downes and Trevor Horn…. Downes will be a key member of Yes for the current tour.

“Rick and Jon had gone off to so solo projects and the rest of us were left a bit in the lurch…. So I booked a studio and basically said that whoever turned up on the Monday would be in Yes.”

Guitarist Steve Howe and bassist Chris Squire started working with Alan on the album.

Alan and Steve remain in the band along with Geoff Downes, singer Jon Davison and Billy Sherwood on bass.

Founder member Chris Squire died last year and Alan admits that touring without him is something he’s having to get used to.

“As long as everybody enjoys playing together and getting up on stage we’ll keep doing it,” Alan said.

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