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Freelance Writing: Today and Yesterday

SKF NOTE: One aspect of the pre-internet days I miss, and have not yet replaced, is paid freelance writing for music magazines and newspapers. Freelance writing was a great way to sharpen researching/writing skills. A great way to record for … Continue reading

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What To Do When ‘Jazz Groove #22’ Doesn’t Apply?

SKF NOTE: Drummer 44Ronin, on, takes issue with me where, on my Drumming Beyond Playing ‘Awesome Grooves’ post, I write: Groove is a buzz word. 44Ronin relied: Groove is not a buzz word. Groove is the sum of all … Continue reading

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If Ever Again I Have Drum Students

SKF NOTE: If ever again I have drum students I know what I will do. At least in part. Each lesson will end with me handing the student personally selected music. It might be one of Little Walter‘s Chess records, … Continue reading

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Barry Keane: Playing What’s Right for the Songs

SKF NOTE: I always enjoy speaking with Barry Keane. Barry and I first met in 1980 or 1981 when I interviewed him for the August-September 1981 Modern Drummer. We spoke about Barry’s experience as a studio drummer, with Anne Murray … Continue reading

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Happy Birthday: My Pivotal Moments with Steve Gadd

SKF NOTE: A belated happy birthday to Steve Gadd. Paraphrasing bassist Ron Carter when asked how Elvin Jones changed drumming: Listen to drummers before Steve Gadd hit the scene and listen to drummers after. There are many excellent pop and … Continue reading

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