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Tony Williams: Little Short of Numbing

SKF NOTE: Leonard Feather give Kenny Dorham’s classic Una Mas album four of five stars in the March 12, 1964 Down Beat. “Young [Tony] Williams,” Mr. Feather writes, “has a dynamic strength and flowing beat that are, coming from one his … Continue reading

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Ed Shaughnessy: The Buddy Rich ‘Old Whip Cream Roll’

SKF NOTE: Yesterday I was using YouTube to find how-to videos for playing press rolls. I came across this Ed Shaughnessy lesson — which is great on a couple of levels. Thank you to the person who uploaded this video … Continue reading

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Earl Palmer: I Wasn’t Quite Sure What I Wanted to Do with My Life

SKF NOTE: I had this phone conversation with Earl Palmer on February 28, 1981. This is another of my Modern Drummer History of Rock Drumming five-part series backgrounder interviews. I am so grateful to be posting these interviews for the … Continue reading

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Carmine Appice ‘Taught’ John Bonham to Play Drums?

SKF NOTE: Okay. It’s none of my business. Still, I cringed when I read what Carmine Appice’s book publisher wrote about Carmine and John Bonham. Fair enough to say Bonham was influenced by Carmine, but… CARMINE APPICE’s Memoir, ‘Stick It!: … Continue reading

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Brian Blade with Trixie Whitley

SKF NOTE: This Trixie Whitley video is also a fun look at drummer Brian Blade. – ARTS MUSIC Trixie Whitley Learns Some Musical Lessons Trixie Whitley, daughter of the late blues guitarist Chris Whitley, talks about keeping her musical independence … Continue reading

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