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Steve Gadd Alive!: St. Thomas

SKF NOTE: For Steve Gadd fans, this is a 1972 Down Beat record review of Chuck Mangione’s Alive! album. Not available in MP3 (Rats!). But this is some great Steve Gadd, in concert on a four-piece Gretsch drumset. Check out … Continue reading

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Steve Gadd Smiling

SKF NOTE: This week I came across this 8×10 glossy of a smiling Steve Gadd given to me by Rick Mattingly circa 1982. Rick took a number of good photos when he was Features Editor at Modern Drummer. I remember … Continue reading

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Chick Corea on Evolution of the ‘Friends’ Album

Chick Corea: The evolution of that album [Friends] is simple. It felt so good playing with Eddie Gomez, Steve Gadd, and Joe Farrell on The Mad Hatter that I suggested we do something together — not elaborate, no arrangments. It … Continue reading

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Steve Gadd: Working with Chick was Inspiring and Confusing

SKF NOTE: Somewhere along the way I paid $4.98 for an interesting book of music interviews and photographs by Julie Coryell and Laura Friedman: Jazz-Rock Fusion: The People, The Music. Ms. Coryell did the interviewing. Ms. Friedman, the photo shoots. … Continue reading

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Revisiting My Life in Music: First Meeting with MD Founder Ron Spagnardi

I first met Modern Drummer founder/publisher Ron Spagnardi probably in the summer of 1978. MD‘s office was the basement of the Spagnardi home at 47 Harrison Street, Nutley, NJ. MD was still a quarterly publication. Nothing fancy about the basement. … Continue reading

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Mel Lewis to Steve Gadd: You’re a Drag

SKF NOTE: Around 1976, Mel Lewis told me of the time he first met Steve Gadd. In 1976 Steve Gadd was really starting to grab the attention of musicians everywhere – especially drummers. I first heard Steve Gadd in 1974 … Continue reading

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