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Les DeMerle – It’s Not the Notes, It’s the Rests

SKF NOTE: More words of wisdom from drummer/bandleader Les DeMerle. The back story to our interview is here. Scott K Fish: Is it possible for a drummer to become so technically exact and proficient that the naturalness of his playing … Continue reading

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Les DeMerle – Music vs Business

SKF NOTE: Les DeMerle asked me during his interview to ask him about music versus the music business. So I did. Les’s reply is still valid in 2020. The interview was published in Modern Drummer’s October 1984 issue. Les DeMerle: … Continue reading

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DeMerle: A Band is Only as Good as Its Drummer

SKF NOTE: In 1984, when I sat down to talk with Les DeMerle, he was a superb drummer and bandleader, as comfortable with swing tunes as he was with fusion or rock-based tunes. You’ll find more of the interview back … Continue reading

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Scott K Fish: Les DeMerle Interview 1984

SKF NOTE: Last year I began posting small exchanges from the full transcript of my 1984 Les DeMerle interview. Here is Les’s full interview as published in Modern Drummer October 1984. In my 1984 introduction I write, in part, “During this … Continue reading

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Les DeMerle: A Drum Teacher’s Greatest Disservice

SKF NOTE: This exchange is from my 1984 Modern Drummer interview with Les DeMerle. The back story is here.  We had discussed the greatest service a drum teacher can offer students. I circled back to that topic and asked Les, … Continue reading

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