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Haynes with Coltrane: No One Was Dependent on One Person

SKF NOTE: Between 1961 and 1965 Roy Haynes, subbing for Elvin Jones, made some classic recordings as part of the John Coltrane Quartet, including a live 1963 recording at the Newport Jazz Festival. The Haynes/Coltrane recordings were┬áreleased in 1978 on … Continue reading

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New CD Set Combines Six 1961 Coltrane Quartet with Dolphy Shows

[SKF NOTE: I have yet to do a complete inventory, but I know I have several cuts from at least some of these shows on various Coltrane albums. Every cut I’ve heard has first-class, experimental, straight-ahead musicianship. And Elvin Jones … Continue reading

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Elvin Jones’s “Puttin’ It Together” Available in MP3 Format

SKF NOTE: Finally! Blue Note releases this incredible album by the Elvin Jones Trio with Jimmy Garrison (bass) and Joe Farrell (sax, flute) in MP3 format. It has been out-of-print as a CD for years. This was my introduction to … Continue reading

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