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Fred Below – Full Interview – Tape A Side A (1982)

SKF NOTE: Among my interviews with drummers, a few are the only known interviews – at least full length interviews – with a few drummers. Jim Gordon is one. Frankie Dunlop is another. And Fred Below is a third. Fred … Continue reading

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Al Duncan – Great Ears and a Good Memory (Circa 1981)

SKFNOTE: Last week I found an old cassette labeled on one side,“Al Duncan,” among my old cassettes. The cassette itself needed repair, which I did. I then digitized the Al Duncan interview and, for the first time, I am posting … Continue reading

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Fred Below: Playing with Dynamics

SKF NOTE: This is another excerpt from my July 9, 1982 phone interview with Fred Below. I am a great admirer of dynamics in music – rather than music played loud only. The Chicago blues artists recording for Chess were … Continue reading

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Fred Below: Backgrounder on Childhood, DuSable High, Roy C. Knapp School, US Army, and the Meyers Brothers

SKF NOTE: This is the first 20 minutes of my July 9, 1982 interview with pioneer drummer Fred Below. The interview starts with Mr. Below telling us about his childhood experiences with drumming. Then we talk about Below’s studies at … Continue reading

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Fred Below on Backing Singers (Audio) July 9, 1982

SKF NOTE: Fred Below was always on my short list of drummers to interview, who, as far as I knew, had never shared their stories for posterity. My first chance to right that wrong came while I was at Modern … Continue reading

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Fred Below: No Practicing Drums in the House Until You Could Play

SKF NOTE: This is the second excerpt from my interview with drummer Fred Below, arguably the father of Chicago electric blues drumming. Mr. Below recorded with Muddy Waters, Sonny Boy Williamson, the Aces, Little Walter, Chuck Berry, and other pivotal … Continue reading

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