Peart – If You Don’t Run Away and Hide

SKF NOTE: Yesterday, within a box of papers, I found a typed 1985 letter from Neil Peart. He had just finished two-and-a-half weeks on his “little computer,” typing up 40 pages from his recent China bicycle trip journal.

The next step, Neil wrote, was to have his typed notes “typeset.” The result, I’m pretty certain, was Neil’s self-published book, “Riding the Golden Lion.”

On page two, near the close of his letter, Neil transitions to Rush business.

Antipathy may be too strong a word to use for Neil’s dislike of the non-performing necessities of his music business. As professional and skilled as Neil was with those necessities, he is quite clear writing in this 1985 letter, how important it was for him to pursue his other passions: traveling and writing.

“It sure is a good thing I went away, I was working on album cover hassles, video, and the new bio’ until literally the night I left, and the day I returned it all started again, getting ready for the tour, production meetings, organize rehearsals, get the gear sorted out, get the tour program laid out – It’s like a never-ending treadmill, and if you don’t get off and run away and hide, it doesn’t leave you alone.”

Source: Letter to Scott K Fish written October 31, 1985 in Toronto, Canada

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