Anniversary of Gary Chester’s Passing – August 17

SKF NOTE: From the Gary Chester the Drummer Facebook page. Gary was a wonderful guy and, without a doubt, an innovative drummer. Check out Gary’s Facebook page if you have not already done so. Here’s the back story on my first meeting with Gary.

August 17th, 1987 around 4am EST Gary suddenly passed away at home with his wife and two of his daughters.The time was actually right about now as I post that the unbelievable was forced to fit into the believed for so many around the world.

Still to this day there is no replacement for the innovator and I suppose THAT is a true definition of the word itself, Innovator = irreplaceable. Those who knew Gary feel as satisfied as one can, knowing he was lost at 62 yet even one day with Gary was more than enough to know… your life had changed.

We miss you and love you profoundly. We will ALL be thinking of you today, Gary. xoxo

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