Roy Haynes on Papa Jo Jones (1986)

SKF NOTE: More words of wisdom from drum pioneer Roy Haynes about drum pioneer Papa Jo Jones.

Roy Haynes: “Young drummers who never got to see Papa Jo play missed the treat of their lives.

“Jo Jones had a feeling — a looseness. He had a happy sound. He was something to watch, especially with a big band like Basie’s. That was it! When I was about 16 years old, I would go to the RKO theater in Boston to see him. When he started his solo, it was something special — different. It wasn’t about playing fast. It was that warm sound.

“He ‘invented’ the sock cymbal. The way he played it was beautiful to listen to and watch. He didn’t have to play a solo; just a two-bar break was beautiful.”

Source: Roy Haynes, by Jeff Potter (Modern Drummer, February 1986)

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