Three ‘Down Beat’ Quotes on Dave Tough

SKF NOTE: I used several written sources — as many as I could find — for my Modern Drummer Dave Tough profile. Last week I came across some of my resource notes, including these three quotes from different Down Beat issues.

  • “Just as the new boys dig and study the present greats, so were Chick (Webb), Baby (Dodds), Davey (Tough), George (Wettling), Sidney (Catlett), and Zutty (Singleton) emulated and idolized in earlier jazz eras.”

Source: Gene Krupa: What’s New?, by Dom Cerulli, Down Beat, March 20, 1958

  • “…Dave Tough…was credited with the most dynamic and sensitive use of cymbals and evolved from a career in small combos to a decade of great distinction with many name bands before his death in 1948.”

Source: Jazz Drummers: A History, by Leonard Feather, Down Beat, March 20, 1958

  • “I remember Davey Tough,, who couldn’t even play a solo, but Davey used to go brr-ipp boom bam, but it was so well placed in juxtaposition with the rest of the music, it was just right.”

Source: Shelly Manne in a round-table interview, Drum Shticks, by Harvey Siders, Down Beat, March 15, 1973.

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