Jim Gordon – Full Interview – Tape B Side A – The End

SKF NOTE: This is the third and final segment of my interview with Jim Gordon. I posted the back story, the genesis, of this interview, on my blog.

This interview with musician Jim Gordon took place January 11, 1982. That makes it 38 years old. Yes, I’ve posted on my blog audio and written excerpts from this interview. An edited version of the interview transcription appeared in Modern Drummer magazine.

But this is the first time I’m making available my full, unedited interview with Jim Gordon. I think it’s time. Jim Gordon is an important piece of pop and rock music history. He is a key part of drumming history. And as far as I know, 38 years later, this is the only full-length Jim Gordon interview in existence.

Looking back, I wish I had more time to prepare for this interview. Those of you who read the back story will learn I didn’t have more time. On the bitter cold night of January 11, 1982, in my room in a Nutley, NJ rooming house, my phone rang unexpectedly. Jim Gordon was calling.

So began this interview. I would only add here one more point. The tapes do not run seamless from tape to tape. That’s due to my having to stop and flip the tapes in my cassette machine. At the end of this last segment I’m sure I caught myself mid-sentence because I intentionally pushed the stop button.

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