Neil Peart On Making His Romanian Oak Drumset

R40 drums

SKF NOTE: This morning, revisiting email exchanges with Neil Peart, looking for one exchange in particular, I came across Neil’s March 15, 2015 email and photo describing his “new Romanian Oak drumset,” destined for Rush’s 40th Anniversary show. I’ve spent enough time working with wood, and drums, that I was absolutely impressed with the craftsmanship and beauty of this drumset.

I responded to Neil that day, March 15, and I wrote in part:

Boy, that is a beautiful drumset. A true work of art. Thumbs up to everyone involved with the design and building. Very, very nice. Of course, the bottom line is: How does it sound? But, I know if it didn’t sound first-class, you wouldn’t be playing it. It would be, “Back to the drawing board!”

Again on March 15, Neil wrote back saying:

Regarding the sound of the Romanian Bog Oak drums — I thought I would have sent you the link where I talk about that. When I play them, even playing along with the tracks, with in-ear monitors, I notice the difference.

And he included a link to the video on the making of his Romanian Oak drumset. It’s classic Neil Peart.


Email to SKF from Neil Peart – March 14, 2015

Here’s a shot from my rehearsals at Drum Channel of the new Romanian Oak drumset, with the laser inlays of different woods on all logos and even the red frames (tribute to Keith Moon’s “Pictures of Lily” kit).

Don’t know if I told you that our 40th anniversary show is going to be “reverse chronological,” and in the second half I’ll be playing a replica of the late ’70s black-chrome Slingerlands — open concert toms, double bass drums — though built by DW, and with black nickel hardware.

That setup is not complete yet, but I look forward to seeing what it’s like to play!

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