Carole King’s Sage Advice on Performing

Carole King (Photo courtesy of

SKF NOTE: Reading singer/songwriter Carole King’s memoir, A Natural Woman, I am not surprised at finding several words of “keeper” advice for all musicians. Here’s Ms. King’s advice on performing in front of an audience.

Performing wasn’t something to fear, it was a merely a larger circle of collaboration. The more I communicated my joy to the audience, the more joy they communicated back to me. All I needed to do was sing with conviction, speak my truth from the heart, honestly and straightforwardly, and offer my words, ideas, and music to the audience as if it were one collective friend that I’d known for a very long time.

I had found the key to success in performing. It was to be authentically myself.

Source: A Natural Woman: A Memoir, by Carole King, Grand Central Publishing (2012)

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