Eighty-Two Year Old Drum Solo Still a Killer

SKF NOTE: In the mid-1970s I played drums for a couple of years with the Millard Cowan Trio in Davenport, IA. I remember Millard asking me then if I had ever seen Fred Astaire’s dancing/drum solo routine.

I had not. Of course, in the mid-1970s, unless I lucked out and the 1937 Astaire movie, Damsel in Distress, was shown on tv, I would probably never see the Astaire routine.

Millard couldn’t believe it. He did his best to describe Astaire’s dance/drum routine, but….

Credit to the internet for making Damsel in Distress and so many other great drum moments available for anyone to study and enjoy.

This drum solo is fun, rhythmic, and musical. Notice there’s not special effects, no playing of a million notes. Musical, rhythmic, fun. And, so far, Fred Astaire’s solo has been around 82 years.

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