Roy Haynes – You Figure The Interviewer Will Be Creative (1978)

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is from my interview with Roy Haynes at his home on November 15, 1978.

Roy Haynes was a challenging interview, questioning or dissecting most of my questions. It almost impossible for me to have the go with the flow creativity interivew Roy talks about here. As frustrated as I often was with my questions and comments being sidetracked, Roy Haynes taught me valuable lessons about interviewing.

I often asked drummers what I asked Roy: “Is there anything you’d like to be asked that no interviewers ever asked?” This excerpt is Roy’s answer to that question.

In my interview notes from that day I said, “It was raining, traffic was heavy, a chilly…evening, and I was nervous about meeting him. Roy and I had spoken a few times by phone. The week before [this interview] I saw Roy perform with the bassist and guitarist from his Hip Ensemble, at Sonny’s Place, a small Long Island jazz club in Seaford, NY.”

You’re hearing me as a 27 year-old freelance writer for Modern Drummer. My start as MD‘s managing editor was still three years away. MD itself was only two years old. So new was MD, that Roy had forgotten our interview was for drummers only.

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