Joe Henderson: A Song Intro that Tricks Your Ears

henderson_joe_mode_for_joeSKF: Joe Henderson’s A Shade of Jade is a track to add to the growing list of songs that trick the ears. has popular, periodic threads on songs from many styles of music that trick our ears. The Doobie Brothers’ Minute by Minute is another trick opening song. You hear the piano intro, start tapping your feet in time — or so you think! When the full band kicks in, some listeners find they are not even close to tapping their feet in time.

In another post here I talk about the same phenomenon, suggesting the beats, the time feel we create during song openings — while our ears play tricks on us — are often worth keeping, not dismissing as wrong.  Certainly, our different conception of time is fun to experiment with, to open our ears more.

Thank God for Blue Note records. “It didn’t matter which one you bought. You knew it was going to be good,” Paul T. Riddle said to me one time about buying Blue Note albums when we were kids. I had to chuckle. Paul is exactly right.

Joe Henderson’s 1966 Mode for Joe album is a case in point. The band is Lee Morgan (t), Curtis Fuller (trom), Joe Henderson (ts), Bobby Hutcherson (vib), Cedar Walton (p), Ron Carter (b), Joe Chambers (d).

The whole album is a keeper, but at least listen to the song intro on A Shade of Jade. Your ears will thank you.

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