Music and Kindness from Strangers

SKF NOTE: Yesterday I came across my monthly column written for the December 2011 Bangor Metro magazine. The column topic was, Who Got You Into Politics? I wrote, “Kindness from strangers 25 years ago was exactly the encouragement I needed to pursue a career in politics. Without the kindess of Natalie and Gerald Sirkin to a letter-writing stranger, I doubt my political career would have come to pass.” I was the letter-writing stranger.

Also yesterday I read a comment in from a drummer who said of a personal encounter with Philly Joe Jones: “I also met him in the early 60’s and talked about lessons. He scared me away after a 2 minute conversation. Will never forget it. Who knows how I would have turned out ???”

Both incidents remind me that even in passing, through brief encounters, how we treat people, what we say and how we say it, can have a lifelong impact. Positive or negative. I think of that especially when I have conversations about drums and other music with Connor (age 9) and Brandon (age 12).

Connor expressed an interest in drums which, for now, has become cello lessons. When Connor first said he wanted to play drums I gave him a practice pad, a pair of drumsticks and offered to give him lessons. That didn’t work out. Which was a bit of a letdown for me. But who knows where Connor’s music path will lead him. If he sticks with cello and becomes proficient? Great! If is interest circles back to drumming, his drumming will only be the better for his cello lessons.

Meanwhile, I enourage his every interest in music, drumming or not.



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