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Niels Myrner: Funky New Orleans Snare/Bass Drum Solo

SKF NOTE: Musical. Fun to watch. Fun to hear. Thank you, Niels Myrner

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Brian Auger: That Ain’t Miles to Me!

SKF NOTE: Yesterday, Brian Auger‘s statement below caught my eye. I confess I’m not familiar with Brian Auger’s music. Yes, I remember his name while growing up. But I never bought his music. Apparently, neither did any of my circle of musician … Continue reading

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Pat LaBarbera: Buddy Rich Makes Me Want to Play

Pat LaBarbera: I like to play with Buddy because he builds a fire in me. He makes me want to play. When he says that he wants to stretch out a tune, he really plays behind you. A lot of … Continue reading

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A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters is Coming 11/6/2015

A Love Supreme: The Complete Masters is Coming 11/6/2015 John Coltrane and his classic quartet (Elvin Jones, Jimmy Garrison and McCoy Tyner) went into the legendary Van Gelder Studio in New Jersey and recorded A Love Supreme–the four-part suite that … Continue reading

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Steve Gadd: Working with Chick was Inspiring and Confusing

SKF NOTE: Somewhere along the way I paid $4.98 for an interesting book of music interviews and photographs by Julie Coryell and Laura Friedman: Jazz-Rock Fusion: The People, The Music. Ms. Coryell did the interviewing. Ms. Friedman, the photo shoots. … Continue reading

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Scott K Fish: Jason Bonham Profile 1988

SKF NOTE: This is a profile on Jason Bonham written in 1988. Jason was on “permanent relief” from his band, Virginia Wolf; finishing a project with Jimmy Page. Ours was a phone interview. At the time, I was at home in … Continue reading

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Ramsey Lewis: How I Decided to Record ‘The In Crowd’

SKF NOTE: Thank you, Mike Bourne, for having Ramsey Lewis tell the back story to his Grammy Award winning song, The In Crowd. We never know what chance meetings might lead to. The Ramsey Lewis Trio drummer at this time … Continue reading

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