Joe Morello Ludwig Ad 1962

SKF NOTE: I have seen three Ludwig ads with this same terrific look. I posted a Buddy Rich ad from, I think, this series, here.

This ad is from the inside front cover of the July 5, 1962 issue of Down Beat.

Looking at this ad yesterday I was reminded how influential this and other drum ads were to me — probably to many drummers — pre-internet. Look at how Joe Morello is holding the stick in his right hand, playing his ride cymbal. A young drummer in 1962 could be forgiven for thinking, “So that’s how Joe Morello holds the stick in his right hand all the time.” Which is not true. But….

Bottom line: Drum ads were fun to study — yes, study — for hours and hours, looking for clues on how to play like our drum heroes.

Joe Morello 1962

Joe Morello 1962

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