Which Came First? The Drum or The Drummer?

no_name_drummerIt has been awhile since I first thought about an interesting variation I was seeing in drum equipment advertising.

I have no data to support this. Just the observation of a lifelong drum equipment ad reader. As I mentioned in my post yesterday, before the internet, drum ad photos were the only chance young drummers had to see their favorite drummers sets and cymbals up-close. A chance to see what equipment they used and how they used it: Did the drummer play his snare flat or at an angle? Oh, he’s a left-handed drummer? Wow, keeping a ride cymbal at that angle doesn’t look comfortable at all!

My recollection of growing up is most drum equipment ad copy was a variation on this theme: Great drummers choose our equipment.

The drummer came first, then the drum or cymbal or other drum equipment.

The ad copy shift I noticed in the 1980’s was a new theme: To be a great drummer, choose our drum or cymbal or other drum equipment.

The drum equipment came first, then the drummer.

I have always believed the drummer comes first. Good equipment is great, but not essential. Great drumming comes from the heart. Great drummers are great on anything. That’s the point I would like to see taught to young drummers.

Yes, I can cite specific ads, but it might be more useful (and fun) to suggest readers look at drum equipment advertising and see if I have a point.

Thank you. I look forward to hearing from you.

— end —

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