Ringo: Alcoholism is ‘A Miserable Disease’

Beatle’s Ringo Starr drums up a new job
WITH a personal fortune of £180 million he doesn’t need the money but the 75-year-old Beatle’s new TV ad is hardly his first commercial starring role.
PUBLISHED: 08:09, Thu, Aug 27, 2015 | UPDATED: 08:23, Thu, Aug 27, 2015

Ringo and family.

Ringo and family.

“I love to be relaxed,” Ringo says. “I don’t know why people think because you’re a well-known pop star that we relax differently. We don’t.

“We hang out at home, have dinner and go to the movies.

“I like to sit on a beach in the sun and listen to waves. But you can’t do that every day, can you?”

In the 1980s Ringo’s struggles with alcoholism led second wife Barbara Bach to write about their hard-living lifestyle in the book Getting Sober… And Loving It .

Ringo later described that time in similarly bleak terms: “It gets really lonely, you know? It’s just really cold and lonely. It’s a miserable disease in the end.

“There’s a crowd of you and it’s lonely. Because that’s all you’re doing is getting p****, you know?”

In 1988, however, he straightened out, sobered up and concentrated on music.

[S]ince recovering from alcoholism [Ringo] has recorded another nine [albums] – six since the turn of the millennium alone.

With the release of his 18th album Postcards From Paradise this year he has overtaken Paul McCartney for solo records and in April his fortune was estimated at £180 million.

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