Ten Most Sampled Drum Beats in Music History

SKF NOTE: An interesting piece in this morning’s news. Some drummers listed are new to me — always a pleasure! The full story includes all the songs. You can listen to the beats and read backstories to all the songs. Some of the drummers aren’t listed. Thank you in advance to anyone who can correctly fill in the blanks.

These are the breaks: 10 of the most sampled drum beats in music history
By Corbin Reiff@corbinreiff
Aug 26, 2015 12:00 AM

Drum breaks: Those small patches of space within a song where the singer shuts up, the guitarist backs off, the bass rumbles down, and the percussionist is given a moment or two to shine. Before the rise of sampling, those moments were merely considered artistic flourishes, necessary bridges, or just breathers from the mayhem swirling around the kit. Afterward, they became essential building blocks for some of the greatest music ever recorded. Below is a collection of some of the most widely sampled drum breaks, with just a few of the songs that feature them.

1. Led Zeppelin, “When The Levee Breaks” (1971)  John Bonham

2. James Brown, “Funky Drummer” (1970) Clyde Stubblefield

3. The Winstons, “Amen, Brother” (1969)  G.C. Coleman

4. Melvin Bliss, “Synthetic Substitution” (1973) [No drummer listed]

5. The Honey Drippers, “Impeach The President” (1973)  [No drummer listed]

6. James Brown, “Funky President (People It’s Bad)” (1974)  Allan Schwartzberg

7. Mountain, “Long Red” (1972) N.D. Smart

8. Billy Squier, “The Big Beat” (1980)  Allan Schwartzberg

9. Kool And The Gang, “N.T.” (1971)  George “Funky” Brown

10. Lyn Collins, “Think (About It)” (1972)  [No drummer listed]

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