The Max Weinberg Modern Drummer Cover Photo That Got Away

SKF NOTE: When either I remember or someone tells me this photographer’s last name — I will credit him. And I apologize in advance for not remembering his full name. I met him twice, as I recall. Very nice guy and very good photographer. New Jersey based photographer Barry (???) took a series of photos of Max Weinberg for Max’s April 1982 Modern Drummer cover story.

I love this photo of Max. It is not a posed photo. The photographer caught Max resting during the photo shoot. Max was, and probably still is, a meticulous guy. He wanted the photos for his first MD cover story to be as good as possible. I made my best case at an MD editorial meeting to use this photo as the cover photo.

Long story short: I lost the argument. The April 1982 MD cover created instead is posted below.

I still love this photo. Barry and Max gave me an 8×10, signed by the photographer, and I just came across it in a file folder yesterday.



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