Phil Collins’ Drum Equipment July 1984

Phil Collins’ Equipment

philcollinsPhil Collins has several different drum kits (Gretsch, Pearl, Premier) for different occasions.

On tour with Genesis, Robert Plant, and on his own tours, he uses a Gretsch set, which he is currently endorsing. (“They’ve always had a lovely sound.”) His toms are 8-, 10-, 12-, 14-, 16-, and 18-inch, all single-headed with Remo Weather King clear Ambassadors.

On his snare he prefers a coated Remo Emperor.

His bass drum is 20-inch, although the bass drum on his Premier kit is 22-inch. He says he has about 150 different cymbals for all occasions – Sabian, A. Zildjian, and Paiste.

His drum machines include a Roland, a Linn, and an English version of a Linn called The Movement. For a while he was using Billy Cobham model Pro-Mark sticks, sawed down about an inch or more. He is currently using his own signature sticks manufactured for him by the Professional Percussion Center of New York City.

Source: Phil Collins: Genesis of a Drummer, by Bill Milkowski, Down Beat, July 1984

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