Max Roach: The Day Sid Catlett Died

SKF NOTE: Max Roach was 33-years old when he did this 1958 Down Beat cover story.

Big Sid Catlett“I’ve always been fond of Art Blakey and Jo Jones,” [Max Roach] continues. “Blakey is a creative person. He plays with the sincerity of a dedicated person. He does things that make sense. However, Sid Catlett has been my main source of inspiration.

“I remember coming to Chicago to play a concert. He was in the wings. He came to see me, as he always did. While we were onstage he laid down and died right there. Somebody said that Big Sid was sick and I saw them opening his collar. He left us right there. Funny how tragedy strikes without warning, when you don’t even know it’s coming yourself. I don’t think he knew it was coming.”

Source: Max Roach, by Don Gold, Down Beat, March 20, 1958

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