Jerry Marotta: The Secret to Finding a Solid Groove

Drummer Jerry Marotta: From the Colony Cafe to Omega
John W. Barry, Poughkeepsie Journal 12:54 p.m. EDT August 27, 2014

Jerry Marotta
7 – Is there a secret to finding a solid groove on the drums?

– My secret is to close my eyes and listen – hear the grove in my head before I start playing; imagine what I want to play.

8 – What words would you use to describe a drummer who hits all their marks and connects with their audience, providing a solid foundation for his band mates at the same time?

– Tasteful. Smart. Giving

9 – Is there a drummer that inspired you to initially take up the drums?

– My older brother brought the drums into the house and started playing them. I started listening to him and tried to copy what he was doing. He was of course my first real influence. After that I just listened to soul records – Motown. Stax. Philly, etc., those drummers, those musicians had the greatest influence on my playing. Then as I grew a little older, I started listening to drummers like Russ Kunkel and Jim Keltner. They influenced me greatly. Then, when I was 18, I got an opportunity to play with a band called Orleans. Ironically, they were my favorite band at the time. I was just so fortunate. The drummer in that band, Wells Kelly, was a hero of mine; an incredible drummer and musician. He and everyone in that band, John Hall, Larry Hoppen, Lance Hoppen, all had a big effect on me; on my playing.

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