Stanton Moore: I Wanna Be a New Orleans Drummer
Posted on August 25, 2014 at 10:43 PM
Updated yesterday at 10:46 PM

Guardians of the Groove: Stanton Moore spreads his love for drumming

Reeves: And…one of your drum teachers was the great Johnny Vidacovich.

Moore: “He had taught me that as a drummer, being from New Orleans was something that’s unique and that everywhere you go in the rest of the world, people would appreciate that. You would have something different and unique to offer, something special, so that rang true with me. I said, I wanna do this, I wanna be a New Orleans drummer.

“I realized that as I was growing up, I had to develop a program for myself to understand some of the things I needed to do in the New Orleans stuff, things like playing in between the cracks and playing different types of street beats, and I really had to explain it to myself.

Full story:

Stanton Moore Web Site

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