Max Roach on Hollywood Drums?

SKF NOTE: My earlier post focusing on Max Roach playing Meazzi Hollywood Tronicdrums prompted one reader to ask if Max Roach had ever made albums using Hollywood drums.

The friend who gave me Max’s “For Big Sid” from the 1977 “Solos” album on Bayside Records tells me these are Hollywood drums. I have no reason to not believe my friend. He’s quite smart and knows a lot about drums and drumming.

That said, I have no other verification on the make of drums Roach used to record his “Solos” album.

At any rate, the “Solos” drums sound great. It’s interesting to compare the 1977 “For Big Sid” with the original 1966 Gretsch drum version on Max’s “The Drum Also Waltzes” album on Atlantic Records.

“For Big Sid” 1966

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