Roy Haynes with Stan Getz 1966

SKF NOTE: Some of my favorite Roy Haynes on record is the drummer with tenor saxophonist Stan Getz. Getz has the ability to burn and to play exquisite ballads.

Listening to Roy Haynes with Getz on musical journeys is always a rewarding adventure. For me, listening to these two musicians is also always an education. No matter how many times I listen to my Getz/Haynes albums, I learn something.

Just yesterday, listening again, as I’ve listened so often in the last 50 years, to Roy’s brush work on “I’m Late, I’m Late” from Getz’s “Focus” album, I was shaking my head and chuckling. I suppose someone could transcribe what he’s playing. But why? It’s pure music from the Haynes heart.

Not too many months ago I bought Stan Getz’s recently released “Getz at the Gate,” a 1961 recording by Verve record company, unreleased for 58 years. Again, Roy Haynes helps make this an outstanding album.

Which brings us to the 49-minute plus concert I came upon last night of another great Stan Getz band with Roy Haynes. Enjoy.

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