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SKF NOTE: On January 18, 2022 I received an email from Jeremy Brieske (pronounced Brisk-ee). Mr. Brieske’s podcast, The Drummer’s Devotional, is, “A one-year project where we learn about a different drummer every day.”

Professionally produced, Brieske’s podcast episodes are short and to the point. Listeners are given a crash course of bio and music on each drummer. Then, I suppose, it’s up to individual listeners to seek out more info on their own.

I like the format.

Mr. Brieske wrote me on Jan. 18 to tell me he used my Smoky Dacus interview as backgrounder for Smoky’s episode of The Drummer’s Devotional. Brieske presents a solid portrait of Smoky in just over seven minutes.

I also learned I can better serve readers of this blog by offering the spelling of certain names as they sound. After listening to Smoky’s Devotional I added to his first blog post here that his last name, Dacus, is pronounced (Day-cuss).

Throughout the internet, Dacus’s nickname is spelled either “Smokey” or “Smoky.” Again, I used “Smokey” when I transcribed and posted his interview. I just now found Dacus’s gravestone. The name carved there is “Smoky.” I will make the correction throughout this blog.

At any rate, I’m happy the interview was of help to Jeremy Brieske and his The Drummer’s Devotional. It’s a fun, instructive podcast available on Spotify.

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