Waiting for Ed Blackwell

SKF NOTE: More than 50 years later I still can’t believe there are no outtakes to the 1966 album, The Avant Garde, by John Coltrane and Don Cherry. This album, which I picked up as a cut-out, was my introduction to drummer Ed Blackwell. At that time, Max Roach was my favorite drummer. Blackwell’s playing on The Avant Garde sounded to me like he had taken Max’s melodic drumming concept to a new level.

Wickipedia tells us, “The album was assembled from two unissued recording sessions at Atlantic Studios in New York City in 1960.” Five songs. Just shy of 34 minutes of music. I know recording sessions have produced less music than that. Sometimes promising sessions produced no music.

But, I keep the dream of a release of new music from this session alive. Heck, I’d love to hear club or concert recordings of this group. The two sessions had different bassists – Charlie Haden and Percy Heath – but they were both very good.

Earlier this week I downloaded the Ed Blackwell Trio’s Walls-Bridges album. The download was botched and I’m trying to re-download the full album. Looking forward to listening.

Meanwhile, if you’ve not yet heard Ed Blackwell’s drumming — please do. The Avant Garde is a good place to start.

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