Flans’s Jeff Porcaro Bio – A Good Read, Sure to Stand the Test of Time

SKF NOTE: Last night I finished reading Robyn Flans’s book, Jeff Porcaro – It’s About Time: The Man and His Music. Robyn and I first met in the 1980s when I was Managing Editor of Modern Drummer and she was one of MD‘s prolific freelance writers. I remember from conversations with Robyn during those years how much she liked Jeff Porcaro as a person and drummer.

Her book, then, is exactly what Robyn said it is. It’s a biography of Jeff Porcaro as a human being and the music he created. Other than a glossy insert with Jeff’s handwritten drum part for Toto’s song, Rosanna, this biography stays mercifully clear of music notations. Several times Jeff uses words to describe drum parts or concepts. But this book is not written for someone primarily looking to learn Jeff’s licks.

Robyn Flans is close to the Porcaro family. That’s clear throughout this book. That familial relationship with Jeff, his family and friends really works to Robyn’s benefit as a writer, and to our benefit as readers. The people interviewed here trust Robyn. For an interviewer that makes all the difference in the world.

I didn’t know Jeff Porcaro. While he was not a drummer I followed, I recognized myself in Robyn’s book as one more person, on a long list, drawn to Jeff’s drumming whenever it comes around.

So, thank you, Robyn, for this book. It’s a good read sure to stand the test of time.

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