The Purpose of Technique

Photo from David Jacobson’s website.

SKF NOTE: Reading an intriguing book, Lost Secrets of Master Musicians – A Window Into Genius. The author is a violinist, so his examples have so far been violin examples. I can apply some to my guitar playing, but others are valuable, I think, mostly to other violinists. And there are many good general thoughts and principles so far, like this one on technique.

“We all know that the purpose of technique is to have the skill, physically and mentally, to allow a player to perform without impediment. It is using only the muscles that are necessary and not more. Technique is also knowing how to learn. It is knowing how to make a piece expressive. It is the ability to control nerves in performance.

“Technique is the beauty of the sound. It is using the body effectively and naturally to master demanding physical and mental complexities with ease. Technique and musical expression are intertwined, inseparable. The end-result seems like a magic trick. But how do you get it?”

Source: Lost Secrets of Master Musicians – A Window Into Genius, by David Jacobson.

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