Yo-Yo Ma – Musicians Have to Find the Road Never Traveled

SKF NOTE: I’m a longtime fan of Yo-Yo Ma, his music, his artistry as a cellist, and for his ongoing willingness to experiment with music, to take risks. This excerpt is from a new book I’m reading titled, Yo-Yo Ma – Portrait of a Cellist, Mentor, & Musical Explorer, Edited by Megan Westberg.

Ma’s advice here is applicable to all musicians, including drummers.

Yo-Yo Ma: My sense is that the world never needs another musician – you have to create a place for yourself by touching someone whenever you play so that they will want to hear more of what you do.

That’s essentially your only job: to communicate something that another person can identify with, remember, and tell other people about. Then it spreads by word of mouth, and slowly you can build something up.

It’s not the road always traveled; it’s the road never traveled that you have find.

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