Teena Lyle: Genderless Hands


Teena Lyle (Photo courtesy DRUM Magazine)

SKF NOTE: Great advice from percussionist Teena Lyle, now on her third tour with Van Morrison.

#WCW: Van Morrison’s Touring Percussionist Teena Lyle
December 5, 2018

Q. Any advice for girls contemplating getting started and making it in this arena?

A. Just see yourself as a set of hands. They are genderless. Don’t go in with a “it’s not fair, the boys get all the work” chip on your shoulder. That’s a bad vibe and people pick up on it. Love working with men as well as women. Music is for everyone. Hustle hard for work and don’t be put off by a “no.” Just dust yourself off and try again. Read Mary Beard’s Women and Power: A Manifesto. That can help empower you through the tough times when you risk losing the faith.

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