Roy Burns Drum Clinic – Circa 1974

SKF NOTE: In August 2014, a few months after starting my blog, I posted my recollection about a Roy Burns drum clinic I had attended around 1974. I was newly living in Davenport, Iowa — the Quad Cities area of Davenport and Betterndorf in Iowa, and Moline and Rock Island in Illinois, with both states on either side of the Mississippi River.

I believe Roy Burns’s clinic took place at a music store in Moline. Perhaps someone will see this and either confirm or correct my memory.

Until two days ago I didn’t remember still having a cassette I taped of the Burns drum clinic. Sometimes it’s fun to be a musical pack rat.

The very beginning and ending are missing here. I think I realized at the time, with only one 60-minute tape to use, I wasn’t going to be able to record everything. So I skipped Roy’s intro and started the tape rolling during Roy’s demonstrating on the drumset. And I just ran out of tape before the clinic ended. Also, there is a four-second delay here between the original Side A ending and Side B starting.

One more thing. In parts of this tape you may notice remnants of a piano trio in the background. It is the Millard Cowan Trio, a group I played with at the time. I’m sure I taped the Burns clinic over a Millard Cowan Trio tape and the new sound didn’t quite wipe out the old sound.

Anyway, there’s some good info here. And for listeners who missed it while he was alive, it’s one more opportunity to hear Roy Burns teaching drums.

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