Manna from Heaven: A New Coltrane Quartet ‘Lost’ Album

SKF NOTE: Well, what do you know! The classic John Coltrane Quartet recorded an album in 1963, “two years before A Love Supreme, and then stashed it away,” writes the New York Times. The family of Coltrane’s first wife, Juanita Naima Coltrane, found John’s personal copy of the recording session. It’s scheduled for release June 29, 2018 on the Verve label as, Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album as a single album and as a deluxe version with a second album of session outtakes.

Verve has pre-released on of the album tracks, 11383, with Coltrane on soprano sax, along with McCoy Tyner (piano), Jimmy Garrison (bass), and Elvin Jones (drums).

This is such great news. Manna from heaven.

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