Henry Glover: Remembering Levon Helm

SKF NOTE: This is an excerpt from a 22-minute recorded interview I did around 1982 with American songwriter, arranger, record producer Henry Glover. I was, according to what I told Mr. Glover at the start of this interview, just four months into my research for the five-part “History of Rock Drumming” published in Modern Drummer.

My plan is to transcribe the Glover interview and post it on my Life Beyond the Cymbals blog.

Meanwhile, this audio clip features Glover talking about discovering The Band. Glover was an A&R man for Roulette records when Ronnie Hawkins came in to record some songs. Hawkins’s backup band was the musicians who later left Hawkins to form their own group: The Band.

A major Levon Helm fan at the time of this interview, I was intrigued by Henry Glover’s stories of Levon as a drummer, as co-founder of the RCO All-Stars, working on The Last Waltz, and producing the wonderful Muddy Waters’s Woodstock Album.

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