Sam Ulano – He Makes Me Look Like a Jerk

SKF NOTE: Sometimes feedback at Modern Drummer was negative. But in my experience, such feedback was a good way to learn and, when necessary, to correct the record.

This is a brief, partial exchange I had with Sam “Mr. Rhythm” Ulano who was not happy with a review of one of his method books in a Modern Drummer column. The column writer, Sam said, “makes me look like a jerk.”

Sometimes when calling noted drummers or drum industry people, I taped the calls, if I knew for sure, or if I thought it was likely, I would be using our conversation in Modern Drummer. Taping allowed me to focus on the caller. I would still take notes, but the tapes really ensured accuracy.

After about a minute into my call with Sam I stopped the tape. This conversation is one of a series of my short conversations — almost like a cassette used in old telephone answering machines — with drummers and drum industry people.

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