Paul T. Riddle: The Influence of Joe Morello

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is Paul T. Riddle talking with me about the Dave Brubeck Quartet’s Greatest Hits album. Specifically, Paul talks about Joe Morello‘s playing and sound and the influence Morello with the Brubeck Quartet had on Paul’s drumming.

I don’t remember the exact purpose of this interview. My best guess? I had a concept for a magazine feature where well-known drummers would talk a bit about key records and musicians that influenced them. And also, to talk about songs on their own albums that they really liked.

I’m sure Paul and I were talking from our homes. Although my idea never got off the ground, I do have my taped conversations with Paul T. Riddle circa 1982. And Paul’s recorded thoughts on drummers and records that influenced him should be of interest to Marshall Tucker Band fans, Paul’s many drum students, and to rock n’ roll historians.

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