T. Bruce Wittet on Keith Moon (1982)

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is one of several messages I rediscovered this morning on an unmarked audiocassette. While working at Modern Drummer it was often easier to interview people if I taped our conversation. That way I could focus better on the person I was speaking with, and I’d be sure to have their accurate quotes when finished. This rediscovered tape was used often, because it has short Q&A’s, usually related to MD‘s “Ask a Pro” column, from Mel Lewis, Max Weinberg, Phil Ehart, Sam Ulano, and others — including writer/drummer T. Bruce Wittet.

Keith Moon died on September 7, 1978, and Modern Drummer, which existed then, never had an opportunity to interview Mr. Moon. Then in 1982, MD gave T. Bruce Wittet a green light to write a Moon feature based on existing print resources, music recordings, and personal sources, such as those of Phil Evans. Bruce Wittet gave a Mr. Evans a “special thanks” in the Moon feature profile, Keith Moon Remembered.

As MD‘s Managing Editor, I received a letter from a credible source who wanted to, in his opinion, correct Mr. Wittet’s article, and to augment Wittet’s research with new Keith Moon details.

This excerpt is my call to Bruce, and the two of us going over the letter writer’s points, with Bruce responding. The Keith Moon backgrounder here should be of particular interest to Keith Moon/The Who fans and historians.

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