Phil Ehart: Drum Muffling Live and Studio (1982)

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is one of several messages I rediscovered this week on an unmarked audiocassette that was probably made in 1982. While working at Modern Drummer it was often easier to interview people if I taped our conversation. That way I could focus better on the person I was speaking with, and I’d be sure to have their accurate quotes when finished. This rediscovered tape was used often, because it has short Q&A’s, usually related to MD‘s “Ask a Pro” column, from Mel Lewis, Max Weinberg, Sam Ulano, and Phil Ehart.

This is Kansas’s drummer, Phil Ehart, answering a fan’s question about Phil’s drum muffling methods onstage and in studio. Plus, the kind of drum heads Phil uses.

I am not the interviewer on this tape. He worked for a time as an MD editorial associate or assistant, his first name was Michael, and he was introduced to the magazine as one of several drummers interviewed for a feature on Broadway drummers. He and I shared an office. My best guess is, when Michael was getting ready to make his phonecall to Phil Ehart, he used my tape and tape recording system.

When I find Michael’s full name I will update this information.

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