Artimus Pyle: Drumming with Awareness of Space

SKF NOTE: The three voices on this excerpt are Artimus Pyle, Paul T. Riddle, and Scott K Fish. We three were conducting an interview with Artimus which was published in Modern Drummer. As mentioned in my first post about this interview, Paul and Art were old friends and Paul was invaluable on this interview. Plus, Paul and I were friends, so what you have here are three people relaxed in each other’s company.

You’ll hear Art talk about his time (“meter”) playing consistency, and advice he received from Ronnie Van Zandt and producer Tom Dowd about leaving space in his drumming. And Paul says, for the record, that Artimus “taught me more about playing rock n roll than anybody.”

Final point: Art makes reference to “thrashing with the Throbbers.” The Throbbers were Paul’s band at the time.

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