Keith Copeland: Latin Drummers to Study

SKF NOTE: This excerpt is Keith Copeland’s expanded answer to my question:

Let’s consider somebody who wants to study the great jazz drummers, but so far his only listening/playing experience has been in rock. He has no idea where to begin. Can you name some key drummers you’d recommend? And also some particular albums?

Keith gave a great response on jazz drummers. Without my asking, Keith also included latin drummers.

The audio here is not the best, but you should have no trouble understanding Keith. The drummers he cites here are:

Daniel Ponce

Steve Berrios

Ignacio Berroa

Steve Gadd

Ralph MacDonald

Johnny Rae

Walfredo de los Reyes Sr.

Willie Rodriquez

Alex Acuna

Don Alias

Willie Bobo

Grady Tate


Dom Um Romao

Armando Peraza

Mongo Santamaria

Carlos “Patato” Valdez

Francisco Aguabella

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