Hal Blaine: Drum Fills Come From Within


SKF NOTE: Hal Blaine’s thoughts on drum fills. From a Hal Blaine letter written about 35-years ago. Good advice that still holds true.

Fills…come from within. Somehow the [brain] puts it all together. It takes the song you’re working on, listens to the lyricis, computes a feel, and calls upon all the years of experience…and comes up with a fill.

I invented today’s drumset in order to have a broader range of fills: more musical, more dazzling, more show offy. It worked!

When we run down a new song, [product commercial, or tv/movie music], I try to rehearse it rather cooly. I watch the film and see what it does to me. Then when the [recording] machine gets turned on — so do I.

As far as repeating fills? Sure. Why not, if they fit and feel natural?

Remember: when there’s an opening in a song and they ask you to fill [that opening], you are contributing something that will live forever on tape or film. Make [your fill] something you would want to hear time after time.

The fill, to a drummer, is his spot. Fill it comfortably.

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