Doug Clifford: Music Quality Has Gone Down with Technology

Creedence drummer Doug Clifford ponders the then and now
By Rich Lopez Published 8:26 pm, Saturday, June 17, 2017

The music industry

“Rock ‘n’ roll was pretty new when I started back in 1953. Radio was certainly different and my dad hated it,” he said…. “Decades later, the industry has changed tremendously — both good and bad. I think quality has gone down with technology. And I just think it’s a lot harder to make it in this business now.”

Popular music

“I was captivated by Etta James and Bo Diddley. I really liked and was influenced by music from New Orleans and Memphis,” he said. “Now I think Bruno Mars is the whole package. I think Ed Sheeran is terrific. He reminds me of a young Van Morrison.”

CCR’s hit songs

My favorite song was always ‘Born on the Bayou’ but I love them all in different ways,” he said.

“I am surprised some didn’t make it like ‘It Came Out of the Sky.’ ‘Effigy’ was also a very powerful, political song but it never became the single I thought it would have.”

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